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ATL Saver Cell fuel cell with the Nuke Performance ATL CFC Unit

Partno: 150-08-304
MTO Delivery time 1-2 weeks
Partno: 150-08-404
MTO Delivery time 1-2 weeks
Partno: 150-08-454
MTO Delivery time 1-2 weeks
Partno: 150-08-604
MTO Delivery time 1-2 weeks
Partno: 150-08-804
MTO Delivery time 1-2 weeks


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Add Lift Fuel Pump
Add High Pressure Fuel Pump
Add Fuel Pump Mounting Kit
Add Fuel Level Sender Unit
Add FIA Required Container
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Product information

ATL Saver Cells is lightweight FIA FT3 -1999 approved fuel cells for all major racing and motorsports associations.
The well known Saver Cells, constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy, in combination with the Nuke Performance ATL CFC Unit - drop-in fuel pump hanger with integrated surge tank functionality. Safe and easy, this is an "all in one" solution.

 FIA FT3-1999 approved fuel cell
 Available in several sizes, for all needs
 Integrated 2 liter Fuel Surge Tank function
 Full foam baffling for petrol and E85
 Fits single or dual high-pressure fuel pumps
 New ATL CFC Unit that fits all ATL fuel cells
 Low profile fuel filler cap with integrated roll-over valve
 AN-10 ORB outlet / AN-8 ORB return

The ATL Saver Cells are suitable for use with carburetor based fuel systems and with the integrated ATL CFC Unit from Nuke Performance, which eliminates the need for an external surge tank which is other needed when running a fuel cell, it is a perfect use for fuel injected systems. Our selection of saver cells come with yellow foam for petrol and E85.


 Integrated 2 liter surge tank, billet fuel pump hanger for 1-2 fuel pumps
The cells come delivered with the new ATL and Nuke Performance ATL-edition CFC Unit as fill plate replacement. The new ATL CFC Unit is the perfect solution for a simplified high performing fuel system where safety is of uttermost importance. This setup eliminates the need for a space-consuming external surge tank. With all the needed fuel pumps mounted within the fuel cell itself, this is the only thing you need. This frees up space and weight and increases safety as fewer fuel line fittings are necessary and no external fuel pumps are used.


 Internal high-pressure fuel pumps, for any need between 200 - 2000hp
The ATL fuel cells are delivered with the unique Nuke Performance ATL CFC Unit with an integrated Fuel Surge Tank function and fit a single or dual high-pressure fuel pump from Deatschwerks, AEM, Ti Automotive, Walbro, Bosch, Fuelab, Aeromotive, and many more. It fits all common 39mm fuel pumps as well as the larger Deatschwerks DW400, Walbro GST450/520, Bosch BR540, and Aeromotive Stealth 450. This solution is ready to deliver steady fuel flow for demands anywhere between 200-2000 horsepower without fuel starvation, even during demanding driving conditions, thanks to the internal surge tank and the in-tank foam baffling.

The ATL Competition Fuel Cell Unit fits most common fuel pumps. Together with the Nuke Performance fuel pump mounting kits, it has never been this easy to set up a high-performance fuel system.


 How to mount fuel pumps within the ATL Saver cell and surge tank?
The single fuel pump mounted in the fuel cell functions as a pickup fuel pump that ensures that the high-pressure fuel pumps within the oversized 2 liter (0.53 gallons) surge tank always have enough fuel to maximize fuel flow and minimize the risk of starvation that can seriously harm your engine. For more information, view the product manual. The ATL-edition CFC Unit is delivered with everything you need to install the fuel pumps of your selection, but we recommend adding one of our fuel pump mounting kits for optimal functionality. All fuel pumps are securely mounted in all conditions thanks to the billet fuel pump brackets.
 Fuel Pump Mounting Kits : Learn more about fuel pump setup
 Additional Fuel Pumps : Explore our selection of fuel pumps


 Made for all type of motorsports use and in a wide variation
The new ATL edition of the Nuke Performance Competition Fuel Cell Unit comes ready for AN-10 ORB outlet and AN-8 ORB return inlet and with a wide variety of sizes available to choose from. The use of the oversized, high flow AN-10 ORB outlet combines the internal fuel pumps into one single fuel line and minimizes the need for external equipment, hoses, and fittings. The included rollover protected vent fitting is of AN-6 (3/4 UNF) and can be swapped for AN-6 to AN-10 when needed. Outlet and return AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12 fittings are sold separately as accessories.
 Outlet fittings :
AN-10 ORB to AN-6 Male Part # : 700-04-108
AN-10 ORB to AN-8 Male Part # : 700-04-109
AN-10 ORB to AN-10 Male Part # : 700-04-110
AN-10 ORB to AN-12 Male Part # : 700-04-111
 Return fittings :
AN-8 ORB to AN-6 Male Part # : 700-04-104
AN-8 ORB to AN-8 Male Part # : 700-04-105
AN-8 ORB to AN-10 Male Part # : 700-04-106
AN-8 ORB to AN-12 Male Part # : 700-04-107


 Full foam baffling in affordable FIA approved fuel cell
The ATL saver cells is FIA FT3-1999 approved for all major motorsports worldwide, but if used within FIA or FT3 motorsports it must be cased in the aluminum container. When placing an order, select if you want to add the container to your order. Not recommended to build your own container without consulting ATL as any sizing issues may invalidate the warranty.
ATL Container 30 liter Part #: 150-SA-AA-041
ATL Container 40 liter Part #: 150-SA-AA-051
ATL Container 45 liter Part #: 150-SA-AA-061
ATL Container 60 liter Part #: 150-SA-AA-071
ATL Container 80 liter Part #: 150-SA-AA-101


 Developed, designed, and manufactured in Sweden
The ATL Saver Cell fuel cell with the Nuke Performance ATL CFC Unit is delivered in a perfect combination with the classic ATL ltd saver cells and the Competiton Fuel Cell Unit from Nuke Performance that is developed, designed and manufactured in Sweden and with the highest possible quality with the same hallmark as all the other parts in the lightweight Nuke Performance motorsports range. There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance!


 ATL Saver Cell fuel cells CFC Unit Kit includes:
1 x Nuke Performance ATL Competiton Fuel Cell Unit
1 x ATL Saver Cell fuel cell, select size when placing order
Notice that the optional aluminum container must be selected separately.

 ATL Saver Cell Specifications
For more information about CFC Unit specifications, view the product manual.

 30 liter Saver Cell Part #  150-08-304
 Length 505mm (19.88”)
 Depth 305mm (12.00”)
 Height 223mm (8.78”)
 Weight N/A, including ATL CFC Unit
 Fuel capacity 30-liter (7.92 gallons)
 Container Part # 150-SA-AA-041
 40 liter Saver Cell Part # 150-08-404
 Length 602mm (23.70”)
 Depth 314mm (12.36”)
 Height 254mm (10.00”)
 Weight N/A, including CFC Unit
 Fuel capacity 40-liter (10.56 gallons)
 Container Part # 150-SA-AA-051
 45 liter Saver Cell Part # 150-08-454
 Length 502mm (19.76”)
 Depth 437mm (17.20”)
 Height 234mm (9.21”)
 Weight N/A, including ATL CFC Unit
 Fuel capacity 45-liter (11.88 gallons)
 Container Part # 150-SA-AA-061
 60 liter Saver Cell Part # 150-08-604
 Length 602mm (23.70”)
 Depth 437mm (17.20”)
 Height 234mm (9.21”)
 Weight N/A, including ATL CFC Unit
 Fuel capacity 60-liter (15.85 gallons)
 Container Part # 150-SA-AA-071
 80 liter Saver Cell Part # 150-08-804
 Length 845mm (33.27”)
 Depth  435mm (17.13”)
 Height 235mm (9.25”)
 Weight N/A, including ATL CFC Unit
 Fuel capacity 80-liter (21.13 gallons)
 Container Part # 150-SA-AA-101


 Download User Manual (.pdf)
 Accessories / Spare Parts
 FAQ : How does the Competition Fuel Cell Unit work?


 No modification needed before installation
The new ATL-edition of the Nuke Performance CFC Unit requires no modifications to the fuel cell before installation. Some foam has to be removed, but after that it is only as simple as mount CFC Unit straight into the fuel cell.


Technical information :
• Optional aluminium light weight container.
• Delivered without top plate, ready for the CFC Unit.
• 24 bolt pattern 6x10" fill plate fitment.
• Delivered with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit.
• FIA / FT3-1999 approved.
• Safe for E85, but need to be drained when stored.
• Modifications need to be performed prior to CFC Unit installation.
• No fuel pumps is included.

Inluded in the package :
1 x Nuke Performance CFC Unit
1 x ATL Saver Cell

FIA certification :
FIA certified fuel cells have a 5 year life, and can be recertified for a further 2 years up to a maximum of 7 years from the date of manufacture. Fuel Cells must be sent back to ATL for recertification to take place.

To comply with FIA regulations, Saver Cells must be installed within an aluminium container, please take into account the dimensions of the container and not the saver cell when checking chassis fitment.
It is not recommended for customers to build their own aluminium containers without consulting ATL as any sizing issues may invalidate warranty.

Modification of tank prior to installation :
Some modification of tank needs to be performed prior to installation of Nuke Performance CFC Unit, instructions included with delivery.

Measurements :
30 liter fuel cell :

Fuel cell : Length : 505 mm / Width : 305 mm / Height : 223 mm
Container : Length : 534 mm / Width : 326 mm / Height : 240 mm

40 liter fuel cell :

Fuel cell : Length : 602 mm / Width : 314 mm / Height : 254 mm
Container : Length : 638 mm / Width : 337 mm / Height : 270 mm

45 liter fuel cell :

Fuel cell : Length : 502 mm / Width : 437 mm / Height : 234 mm
Container : Length : 531 mm / Width : 464 mm / Height : 250 mm

60 liter fuel cell :

Fuel cell : Length : 602 mm / Width : 437 mm / Height : 234 mm
Container : Length : 633 mm / Width : 461 mm / Height : 250 mm

80 liter fuel cell :

Fuel cell : Length : 845 mm / Width : 435 mm / Height : 235 mm
Container : Length : 881 mm / Width : 459 mm / Height : 250 mm

Fuel Pumps :
Please notice that no fuel pumps are included with this kit of Cell and CFC Unit. You can choose from a selection of fuel pumps when placing order. Visit each fuel pump for more information about flow and estimate horsepower. If you have more questions about choosing fuel pumps for your setup, contact us prior to placing order.
Suggested single lift pump:
1 x Ti Automotive / Walbro GST450
1 x Ti Automotive / Walbro GST520
1 x Deatschwerks DW300
1 x Deatschwerks DW400

Suggested single or dual high pressure pump: (within the surge tank)
1-2 x Ti Automotive / Walbro GST450
1-2 x Ti Automotive / Walbro GST520
1-2 x Deatschwerks DW300
1-2 x Deatschwerks DW400



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