FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our products and how to easily trade from us from different parts of the world. Here we have collected some questions and answered them in one and the same place. Here you can also read our informative guides regarding some of our products.


 Assembly information :

 Fuel Filter Slim
       Format: PDF / Size : 531 kb
 Fuel Filter
       Format: PDF / Size : 573 kb
 Fuel Filter AN-8/10 200 mm
       Format: PDF / Size 566 kb
 Y / X Block
       Format : PDF / Size : 597 kb
 Vacuum Stations
       Format : PDF / Size : 651 kb
 Fuel Pressure Regulator
       Format : PDF / Size : 633 kb

 2G Fuel Surge Tank - External
       Format : PDF / Size : 672 kb
 2G Fuel Surge Tank - Internal
       Format : PDF / Size : 781 kb
 2G Fuel Surge Tank - DW400
       Format : PDF / Size : 752 kb
 Blow Off Valve 50 mm
       Format : PDF / Size : 581 kb
 Competition Oil Catch Can
       Format : PDF / Size : 783 kb
 Performance Carbon Oil Catch Can
       Format : PDF / Size : 727 kb
 Performance Oil Catch Can
       Format : PDF / Size : 724 kb

 Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I buy your products from my country?

At present, we have retailers in nearly 20 countries and it is constantly increasing. We always recommend that you contact a local supplier in the first place, but if you can not find such, you can always place an order directly from us here on our official website. We ship world wide and most often ship the package already on the day we receive your order. If you can´t find your country listed neither on our list of dealers or in the webshop checkout, contact us for more information.

What products do you have for my car?

We offer a wide range of universal tuning products, these products more or less fit all vehicles that use gasoline and alcoholic fuels. The only products we have that are model-adapted are our fuel rails. If your model is represented among our fuel rails product page, this will suit your engine. We can also quickly and efficiently generate new fuel rails for almost all engine models, contact us for more information.

Can you sponsor me and my car?

Nuke Performance receives daily requests for sponsorship and support to varying builds. We reserve the right to choose the builds, teams or drivers we are interested in. We sponsor only genuine builds of high ambitiona dn where a common goal can be established. There are high demands from both sides, so only a few builds or drivers are sponsored each year. If one of our dealers chooses to sponsor a driver, team or build, we can sometimes support this sponsorship when regarding our range of products, all such requests are made to our dealers directly. For more information, or do you think you have what it takes, contact us directly.

How does the 60 day satisfaction guarantee work?

We believe that every Nuke Performance customer should be satisfied with the product they ordered, this is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you do not find our product living up to our promises, contact us within 60 days after you placed your order and we will take care of you attending to our satisfaction guarantee conditions.

How should I design my aftermarket fuel system?

Designing an aftermarket fuel system is many times very different to the other, depending on the conditions, performance goals, local legal conditions and fuel etc. In our FAQ- How does a fuel surge tank work? we go trough the basics of how to build a fuel system.

Do you have this item in stock?

We are proud to announce that for most of the time we have our complete range in stock for immediate delivery. And since 2018 we also have the function of advertising inventory directly here in our webshop. For larger orders, it may be a good idea to contact us for warehouse control, and we reserve for misprints. Normally, web orders are sent the same day or day after ordering.

Are your products safe to use with alcoholic fuels?

All our fuel products are manufactured with the requirement that they will be able to handle alcoholic fuels such as ethanol. All internal surfaces are anodized and we use o-rings that are resistant to alcohol. Be sure to follow our service instructions on products such as fuel filters that may have alternative instructions.


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