The story of Nuke Performance

 Join us in the journey from when we started back in 2004 to where we are today.


Made out of Sweden

Nuke Performance designs, develop, and manufactures high-performance car parts for all types of motorsports. Shaped out of committed enthusiasts, we constantly strive to deliver the highest possible quality on the market. Made by an innovative company in Sweden, since 2004, the products with the Nuke Performance logo are redefining performance.

Taking an idea, making it into reality, and exceeding our customer's expectations - this is what it has been all about for close to 20 years.

Redefining performance

To us, passion is defined by true belief in performance. Nuke Performance is the by-product of a lot of sweat and tears that have shaped our knowledge and experience. Our commitment to developing the best possible performance products comes from our history, our real-world experiences, and our passion.

The difference it makes to be able to control every step of the process, taking no shortcuts in either function, design, or manufacturing, makes the Nuke Performance lineup define performance for real car enthusiasts, both as amateurs and as professionals.

1/4 mile ( 402m )

It all started with the iconic blue fuel rails for the BMW M20 engine, and to finance the material, our founder sold his beloved turbo BMW and by chance found himself with exactly 402m (1/4 mile) extruded aluminum profile.

Today, Nuke Performance offers a wide range of high-end performance parts for all types of motorsports, mainly within aftermarket fuel systems, but also spreads into many different applications.

Make sure to check out the range of high-performance car tuning parts manufactured by Nuke Performance, and our promise to you is that you will not get disappointed.

An Engineer with fuel in his blood

Starting out with building cars, our founder Tor Joki worked his way in his workshop, and when he couldn´t find the parts he needed, he made them himself. The custom parts started to get attention and request from other builders, and so it all had begun. Starting off as a small side project, the lineup started to grow, bringing performance parts such as the iconic blue fuel rails into reality. As the Swedish growing motorsports culture got to see the quality and extreme finish of the parts created, the demands grow and ended up in what we today all know as Nuke Performance.

Growing, evolving, and taking its new shape, the brand began to take on Europe. From start, to now, not a single part leaves the warehouse without proudly carrying the fingerprint of our founder.

Function meets design

As Nuke Performance started to take off, Tor Joki´s ways crossed with the digital designer and car maniac Gustaf Brosten. Since that day, they never left each other's side. The unique functionality and design of the Nuke Performance lineup are not made out of coincidence, it is the result of what you get when you combine a visionary engineer and an inspired designer, both in love with cars, performance, and motorsports.

The lineup from Nuke Performance is not what you would find going to any other manufacturer on the market, cause the lineup from Nuke Performance is something else. The combination of performance, quality, and finish is as high as it gets.

Taking on the entire world

In 2014 Nuke Performance open an office in the US, and attended the iconic Sema Show in Las Vegas. This chance to show off the range of performance parts to the American customers and dealers started the growth on the worldwide market.

The current US office is now a big part of what we are today, and the guys over at our US distributor Torqued Distribution carries the brand with the same enthusiasm and engagement as the Swedish headquarters, being true members of the Nuke Performance family.

Today, we are represented by authorized dealers in more than 40 countries around the globe, and we are adding more to that list every year. Surrounding ourselves with enthusiasts, drivers, influencers, dealers, shop owners, all true members of our growing family, this is what makes Nuke Performance what it is today.

Growing big, still staying true

In 2022 Nuke Performance grow out of its facilities and moved across our hometown of Göteborg and found a new bigger home. The new and enhanced space gave us the possibility to stay true to our beliefs and still be able to keep everything in-house, able to continue the development, design, and manufacturing process in the same genuine way as it has been since we started back in 2004. 

We will continue to chase the goal of developing products closely with our customers and exceeding everyone's expectations for years to come. This is what we believe in, what we strive for, and what we want to take with us into the future. There is, and should never be, a substitute for the quality and performance of Nuke Performance.

Become a part of our growing family

A Nuke Performance customer will understand what we mean when we say that we want to welcome you to our family because if there is one thing that we aim to deliver, that is the excitement that we feel when you receive, unpack and install your new Nuke Performance performance product and feeling that you are as important to us as all our members.

Staying true to our beliefs, staying true to our loyal customers, and staying true to our hearts, the family of Nuke Performance is growing in every corner of the world. And everything born out of our factory in Sweden will stay true to our belief in performance, design, and quality, just like when the first parts were delivered back in 2004.


Make sure to join us, and become a part of the Nuke Performance family.

Tor Joki & Gustaf Brosten, Nuke Performance AB


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