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Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB thread

Partno: 150-22-101


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Product information

Nuke Performance Universal Air filter with AN-10 ORB thread is easy to adapt for your every need thanks to the wide variation of available fittings.

The universal air filter from Nuke Performance uses a unique threaded port instead of the traditional clamp attachment, this gives you a wide variation of fittings to choose from for your every possible need.

 AN-10 ORB threaded port, a wide variation of attachments
 Aluminum top and bottom for long and durable use
 Oversized filtration area thanks to large filter diameter
 Safe for all types of fuel fumes, safe as a fuel cell vent

This universal air filter uses an AN-10 threaded port instead of a hose and clamp attachment, with the wide variation of fittings available you can adapt this filter for various application needs, such as fuel cell ventilation, oil catch can outlets, blow-off valve outlets, and much more.


 The threaded port makes one filter work as twenty, choose the connection among a wide variation of fittings.
With the threaded AN-10 ORB female port, you can choose which type of connection you want to use. Nuke Performance offers a wide variety of fittings, and many more fittings are available on the market. With the huge possibilities this unique air filter gives, the same filter can be used for all types of needs for your motorsports application. AN-10 ORB fittings are available and sold as accessories to the air filter.
AN-10 ORB to AN-6 Male fitting Part #: 700-04-108
AN-10 ORB to AN-8 Male fitting Part #: 700-04-109
AN-10 ORB to AN-10 Male fitting Part #: 700-04-110
AN-10 ORB to AN-12 Male fitting Part #: 700-04-111
AN-10 ORB to AN-10 Female fitting Part #: 700-04-121
AN-10 ORB to 8mm Male barb fitting Part #: 700-04-124
AN-10 ORB to 10mm Male barb fitting Part #: 700-04-125
AN-10 ORB to 13mm Male barb fitting Part #: 700-04-126
AN-10 ORB to 16mm Male barb fitting Part #: 700-04-127


 Countless installation possibilities with its unique design.
The Nuke Performance Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB threaded port gives you countless of possibilities and possible applications for your motorsports needs. With both the top and bottom end being made out of aluminum, the housing of the filter is ready for serious beating and long-lasting use. The quality of this filter is on another level in comparison to other filters made out of plastic and rubber.


 Universal Fuel Cell Vent Kits for your aftermarket fuel cell, available in AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12 sizes.
The Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB thread was developed with one application in mind, and that was a simple yet effective kit for the Nuke Performance CFC Unit. The Fuel Cell Vent Kits from Nuke Performance offers an easy-to-install kit including a 1m (3.3ft) fuel hose and the needed fittings to use as your fuel cell ventilation. The CFC Unit is delivered with an AN-6 vent fitting that is sufficient for most motorsports applications, but if running a dry break or quick fill option, the vent fitting can be swapped for an AN-10 instead.
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-6 Part #: 150-22-206
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-8 Part #: 150-22-208
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-10 Part #: 150-22-210
Fuel Cell Vent Kit AN-12 Part #: 150-22-212

 Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB thread Specifications:
For more information about specifications, contact us directly.

 Filter housing Anodized aluminum housing
 Filter media Stainless steel reinforced cotton media
 Filter thread AN-10 ORB (view range)
 Diameter 50 mm (1.96")
 Height 45 mm (1.77")
 Weight 43 g (0.09 lb)
 For motorsports use YES
 Part # 150-22-101
 EAN 7340209505269


 Universal Air Filter with AN-10 ORB thread includes:
1 x Universal air filter with AN-10 ORB thread

 Accessories / Spare Parts



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