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To us, passion is defined by true believe in performance. Nuke Performance is the by-product of a lot of sweat and tears that has shaped our knowledge and experience.
Our commitment to develop the best of performance products comes from our history, our real world experiences and our passion for racing and motorsport. Whether it is engine or fuel demand, there is NO substite for the performance, quality and reliability of Nuke Performance.
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Big Mike and his Prelude


Made it to Battle of the builders Top10

A few days ago it was Sema Show 2016 in Las Vegas, the biggest thing for all petrol heads worldwide. One build representing Nuke Performance this year was Big Mike with his Prelude. Not only he made his way to top 20, he made it all the way into top 10.

This build is something special, fully equipped with our range of fuel performance parts and this is one of the most sweet looking trunk installations we´ve ever seen. This build we are proud of being a part of…

Check it out over at Super Street Magazine for story, pictures and really get a look of how it can be done!

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