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2G Fuel Surge tank 3.0 liter with Protec Cobra brushless fuel pump

Partno: 150-01-441
Partno: 150-01-442
Partno: 150-01-461


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€ 1686,25
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Product information

The 2nd generation 3.0 liter Fuel Surge Tank from Nuke Performance, with a preassembled, brushless Protec Cobra fuel pump. This is the next-generation fuel setup combined into a lightweight and universal solution.
This new updated version of the classic Nuke Performance fuel surge tanks comes delivered with a preassembled brushless fuel pump from Protec Cobra-series. This is really next-level engineering, maximum flow with minimum ampere.

 Twin-screw brushless fuel pump
 Higher pressure with fewer amps
 100% Safe for all type of fuels, including ethanol
 Preassembled with Cobra fuel pump

 Lightweight aluminum billet fuel pump housing
 Delivered with external PWN controller
 For your every need, 500 - 1200 horsepower
 3.0 liter surge tank capacity

The Cobra brushless fuel pump has been engineered to provide precise fuel flow for the most demanding applications. It is suitable for use with ethanol, methanol, and petrol (gasoline) the Cobra pump is able to deliver fuel at higher pressures while using fewer amps, all thanks to its brushless technology. The Cobra fuel pump is lighter than any comparable fuel pump and features a custom-built brushless motor with an ultra-efficient pump mechanism that provides unrivaled performance.


 Engineered to provide optimized flow at higher flow with fewer amps
Each Protec Cobra-series fuel pump is engineered with the latest fuel pump technology to provide optimized flow. Thanks to the brushless technology and the lightweight, yet oversized fuel pump billet aluminum housing, it is able to deliver fuel at higher pressures while using fewer amps. This is the next level of fuel delivery and comes in a ready-to-use package, installed within the lightweight motorsports 3.0liter surge tank from Nuke Performance.


 Preassembled fuel surge tank with in-tank Cobra fuel pump, ready to play and delivered with PWM controller
The Cobra fuel pump from UK fuel pump manufacturer Protec fills your every possible need from 500 hp to 1200 hp. We have selected three different assemblies to suit the Nuke Performance customer's every need. All versions are delivered preassembled with a Deutch connector between the surge tank and the external PWM controller. And each fuel pump is fitted with a lightweight, replaceable 65-micron pre-filter for long life and extremely high durability.

The Cobra fuel surge tank is available with three different fuel pump options:

 FM44300 350 LPH (92 gal/h) at 5 BAR (72 PSI) and 7.0A
 FM44500 490 LPH (129 gal/h) at 5 BAR (72 PSI) and 11.4A
 FM60500 550 LPH at 5 BAR (72 PSI) and 12.6A

These brushless fuel pumps with the high-tech twin-screw technology give you higher fuel flow/pressure with fewer amps in comparison to traditional fuel pumps with a corresponding fuel flow. The twin-screw design is also superior to turbine brushless fuel pumps. The wanted fuel pump is selected when ordered.

 Control your fuel flow and pressure with PWM
 Less noise, lower fuel temperature, and fewer amperes

With the included external PWM controller you can control the fuel pump without any hassle. This helps you to keep the fuel temperature lower, less noise, fewer amperes, and longer life of your fuel pump.


 A lighter solution than our other surge tank fuel pump combinations
The billet design fuel pump housing of the Protec Cobra fuel pumps is mounted directly to the surge tank top lid. With a minimum of parts, no external wires or connectors, and without any needed internal brackets, this solution is more than 30% lighter than a flow-comparable traditional setup. In combination with the 2nd generation surge tank from Nuke Performance, this is the highest possible surge tank with an in-tank fuel pump solution on the market. And thanks to the brushless technology it is also quieter than any other of our available solutions.

 More flow with less amount of amps
 Significantly longer life than a traditional fuel pump
 Up to 1200hp at only 12.6 ampere
 Twin-screw brushless fuel pump
 Much quieter than other fuel pumps


 High flow fuel pump without heavy customization to the fuel tank
With our Fuel Surge Tank, you minimize the risk when running at a low fuel level, that the system does not cope with the extremely hard driving such as drifting, drag racing, and track days where you can exceed 2g, which could result in fuel loss. With this setup, you can rely on maximum fuel delivery, a safe solution for your engine and setup even when the conditions are as demanding as they get. That you are able to mount a brushless, high flow in-tank fuel pump without larger customization of your stock fuel tank is almost as important, this is really the only setup you need.

The 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 liter with Protec Cobra brushless fuel pump works as a buffer so the fuel pumps are always supplied with fuel for high outputs as the return line from your engine routs straight back into the FST, it stays full at all times.


 Made for all type of motorsports use, easy to adapt to all your fuel system needs and demands 
The Cobra surge tank comes ready for AN-10 ORB outlet and AN-8 ORB return, inlet, and return to fuel tank fittings with a wide variety of sizes available to choose from. The use of the oversized, high flow AN-10 ORB outlet gives you a single fuel line that gives you no limitations for your every need between 500 to 1200 horsepower.
 Outlet fittings :
AN-10 ORB to AN-6 Male Part # : 700-04-108
AN-10 ORB to AN-8 Male Part # : 700-04-109
AN-10 ORB to AN-10 Male Part # : 700-04-110
AN-10 ORB to AN-12 Male Part # : 700-04-111
 Inlet, return, overflow fittings :
AN-8 ORB to AN-6 Male Part # : 700-04-104
AN-8 ORB to AN-8 Male Part # : 700-04-105
AN-8 ORB to AN-10 Male Part # : 700-04-106
AN-8 ORB to AN-12 Male Part # : 700-04-107


 Complete your high flow fuel system with Nuke Performance Full Flow series fuel lines, hose ends and fittings
Nuke Performance offers a wide variation of both PTFE and nitrile fuel line systems for your every fueling need. The 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 liter with Protec Cobra brushless fuel pump setups is a perfect match to the Nuke Performance Full Flow-series fuel lines. Available in AN-4 to AN-12 and in a wide variation of available fittings and accessories. And with the handy selection of fuel line tools, it has never been as easy to assembly your fuel system.
PTFE Full Flow series AN-6 to AN-12 : View assortment here
AN Full Flow series AN-4 to AN-12 : View asso


 Developed with high demands from worldwide motorsports
Co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, and together with the well-known UK fuel pump manufacturer Protec. Used in all types of motorsports such as drag racing, drifting, GT racing, time attack, and more. The Cobra brushless fuel pump version is born out of a collab with Protec, and combines the well-known fuel surge tanks with their lineup of brushless fuel pumps that have changed the market.

There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance.


 Nuke Performance 2G FST Protec Cobra Specifications
For more information about specifications, view the product manual.

 FST with FM60500 Part # 150-01-461
 FST with FM44500 Part # 150-01-442
 FST with FM44300 Part # 150-01-441
 Impeller design Twin screw
 Controller type PWM (Protec 16443, included)
 Wire gauge 14 gauge / 2.5mm2
 Pre-filter micron 65-micron filter sock included
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, E85
 Length 265mm (10.43")
 FST Diameter Ø 148mm (5.82”)
 Bracket diameter Ø 178mm (7.00”)
 Mounting points 6 x M6 (Ø 6.5 mm / 0.25")
 Outlet port, thread AN-10 ORB, view range
 Return port, thread AN-8 ORB, view range
 Inlet port, thread AN-8 ORB, view range
 Overflow outlet port, thread AN-8 ORB, view range


 Protec Cobra Fuel Surge Tank Includes:
1 x 3.0-liter fuel surge tank
1 x 6 bolt pattern aluminum mounting bracket
1 x Protec Cobra brushless fuel pump of choice
1 x 65-micron pre fuel filter
1 x Deutsch connector, preassembled
1 x PWM controller with aluminum housing
* The Fuel Surge Tank is delivered preassembled, ready to use

 Download User Manual (.pdf)
 Accessories / Spare Parts




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