The manufacturing process of our products

We´d like to tell you more about how we develop, design and manufacture our high performance car tuning parts.
There´s no secrets, just pure perfection and top notch motivation from us at Nuke Performance.

Product development

Our goal is to meet our customers´ demand, this has meant that we attach great importance in asking our dealers, customers and those we meet on the track, drag racing strip or in garages around Europe what it is they want, what they need and the characteristics that make a product better than all the others on the market.
With extensive knowledge and experience we then take the ideas that fit our brand and develop products which is not only exceptional in function but also a design that can match the customer´s desire, our requirements and at the same time be innovative.

That from the first idea at the drawing board, to the computer rendering, prototyping, testing and finally get to see our products get born to life and installed in some of the the coolest and most awsome car builds earth have ever seen is what drives us and will make us to continue to develop new and exciting products for many years.

Material knowledge

In order to create products that can really live up to the high demands, and the challenging and strenuous conditions they face in racing, drag racing, drifting and active driving, just set high standards for us as a manufacturer to know which materials, alloys, material proporties, etc. that work with each other in all situations, temperatures and extreme conditions.
Our vast knowledge in design teaching with extensive experience in product development in several industries has enabled us right from the start often know what we can expect from the materials we have available. For each product, we produce a lot of time choosing the right materials, to test its durability and function and really ensure that we made no mistakes in either function, design, or that the products will not deliver what we promised.

CNC machining

A very large part of the production process itself is in CNC machine processing of aluminum.
To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we have excluded the manufacturing methods most often used to keep down production costs, those methods can not deliver the same quality and precision in either margins, sustaiability or finish.
At CNC machining, we can guarantee that every little detail, every milled detail and each intended function are of the highest possible quality. The production costs will be higher, but the quality is even higher. Billet parts is our hallmark and also an outstanding quality and something we often hear from our customers is that you get what you pay for.


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant surface.
In order to make aluminum work to our liking, resist the destructive properties of methanol, ethanol, and to get a finish that stands against the elements for years to come, we anodize all of our products.
All our products are anodized both inside and outside and polished thoroughly before anodizing to maximize finish and durability.