1000HP+ Approved

We have designed and manufactured products which, after tests have attained the goal we had from the start. These products are suitable for serious tuning and extremely high power output.

Listed below we´ve gattered our products that are Approved for the incredible forces that the products are subjected to when the power output is around 1000HP. If our products are intended to be used in applications where power output is higher, contact us for advice.

If you have further questions regarding our products, contact us at tech@nukeperformance.com.

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fully adjustable from : 35 – 90psi

Specially developed for extreme power output, maintaining steady flow even over 1000HP. Our goal was to offer a regulator of the highest quality, after thousands of hours of operation and inspections, we have really been able to prove that we have succeded. Check it out…

Fuel Rail

With Injector safety Brackets of Stainless Steel…

We believe this is the Best Fuelrail on the market with the highest flow capacity. Designed with over sized internal dimension for minimum cavitation, internal diameter of 17.5 mm which guarantees high and reliable flow.
Its unique safety brackets ensures that even under extreme power output, there is no risk of release of the fuel injectors. Check it out…

Fuel Filter, Fuel Filter Slim

Available with 10 / 100-micron

This is an inexpensive insurance policy to protect your engine. Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels even with high level of power output. Internal design guarantees high and reliable flow at all times. We have been able to prove that this filter stands out for its quality and handling. Check it out…