Y-block / X-block

Two or three output blocks…

Choose for yourself if you’re looking to divide, or gather up two or three lines to one. Minimum flow loss.

For use on turbo-charged,super-charged and Naturally aspirated engine applications.

Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol.

The body and all components are CNC-machined from 6082 aluminum alloy.

The design of the y-fitting and x-fittings gives a very clean and High performance appearance.

It´s availible in blue or black finish.

Technical information :

CNC manufactured from aluminium alloy 6082.

Available with either two ( Y ) or three ( X ) output ports.

The thread is 3/4 UNF.
Delivered with two/three dash 8 and one dash 10.

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Height Width Depth
116 mm 80 mm 29 mm
Incl Fittings Ex Fittings
200 g 130 g
Height Width Depth
126 mm 93 mm 29 mm
Incl Fittings Ex Fittings
234 g 145 g
* All measurements including the supplied fittings