New Product : Universal Bracket 65 mm

Bracket 65mm

Universal Bracket 65 mm

We launch a brand new product, a universal bracket with internal diameter of 65 mm.
Available in dual or single version with inserts for Bosch 044 fuelpump included.

Soon there will be inserts for Walbro fuelpumps, Nuke Slim fuelfilter and more available.

Used when you need ro rely on the installation and designed and manufactured to handle extreme amounts of power with the same hallmark as all of our performance products.

Available at our official webshop allready and at our dealers in a few days if not allready.

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New product, now in stock…


Additional Injector Holder

The Nuke Performance Aluminum Additional Injector Holder comes with all the major components needed for installation. You will need to remove your desired intake piping 3″ and weld this holder in place.

With this additional injector assembly, your injectors will be placed in a 55 degree angle to the 3″ aluminum tube which can give a substantial increase in fuel by utilizing two extra injectors.

This is to use with a stand-alone fuel enrichment device or as complement to your Engine Management Systems e.g. Haltech,DTAfast,Civinco. The injectors can be integrated or mounted in the intake stream in any Racing engine setup.

Will be launched before summer 2012…


Bracket for Bosch and Walbro fuel pumps

We will launch a new exciting product before summer 2012. A singel or dual bracket for Bosch and Walbro fuel pumps.
Makes it easy to mount these often used fuel pumps with our Y-block combined with our AN-Hose ends.

Specially manufactured and designed to keep the minimum weight. Keep your pumps steadily without fear of undue risk of fuel leakage.

Works of course as good as a universal bracket for other products, inner diameter of 65 mm and with simple accessories, you can adapt this mount for most applications.

Stay tuned for more information as we will tell you more later on this spring.

We continue our Slim series with a new product…

Vacuum Station Slim

Vacuum Station Slim, available with 3, 4 or 5 output.

Now, Vacuum Station Slim available from Nuke Performance. Slim design for tight installations where space is an issue. Available with 3, 4 or 5 outputs.

Often used when you install many products that all needs to be conected to manifold. Perfect for connection of regulator, dump valve and gauges. This way only one connection from the inlet to manifold is sufficient.

This vacuum station complements our range and make it easy for our customers to choose how many outputs as desired. The same as our previous vacuum station, now in a more slim design.

Learn more about this product here!

Launch of new website…


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Finally it´s time to present to you our new design and our new contect on
You have already gotten a taste of the design in our official webshop but now we are finished.
More information, more inspiration, and launching our own blog, it´s time to celebrate.

Shortly our Swedish and German website will be ready, but until then you´ll have to put up with our English new homepage. Enjoy!

Join us on to always get the latest news, and look out for new posts in our blog. We will introduce several exciting new products within the nearest time…

Brand new product…


Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100-micron

Press releases have been sent and the product is now available in our official webshop. We present to you our new Fuel Filter Slim.

The same high quality technology as our previous filters, but now in a more simple design suitable for confined spaces and with the ability to be fitted with universal clamps.

Our most affordable filter so far that are available in 10 / 100-micron.
Learn more about this product here!

We already see a big demand for more slim products, stay tuned, more to come…