Big Mike and his Prelude


Made it to Battle of the builders Top10

A few days ago it was Sema Show 2016 in Las Vegas, the biggest thing for all petrol heads worldwide. One build representing Nuke Performance this year was Big Mike with his Prelude. Not only he made his way to top 20, he made it all the way into top 10.

This build is something special, fully equipped with our range of fuel performance parts and this is one of the most sweet looking trunk installations we´ve ever seen. This build we are proud of being a part of…

Check it out over at Super Street Magazine for story, pictures and really get a look of how it can be done!

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Nuke Performance @

New New Zealand Dealer : Scarles

Authorized New Zealand Dealer Nuke Performance

Scarles NZ | | Scarles @

We are proud to announce that we now are available in New Zealand with our full range of High Performance Car Tuning Parts, Scarles has filled up their shelves and stock with Nuke Performance full range for quick delivery.

New Zealand is a new market for Nuke Performance and with the help from Scarles we aim to become the natural choice when looking for performance parts.

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Fuel Log Collector 4 ports


Nuke Performance Fuel Log, now available worldwide!

Our Fuel Log is now available worldwide, available in several setups for use with Bosch and Walbro fuel pumps and our own Slim Fuel Filters.

In combination with our Universal Bracket it makes a unique solution that also gives you the ability to combine one fuel pump and one filter in the same bracket.
To view all setups, check it out here!

The two main inlet ports located on the long side are delivered with our unique brackets that make sure all connection will be reliable even when an accident would accur.

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Nuke Performance @


Nuke Performance available in BLACK!


2015 will be a very exciting year. Several new products, solid motorsports involvement and we are growing fast, especially in the US where we have started an office.

To the year of 2015 we have made a big change, we have changed color … Since we started in 2004 we have been blue, now it was time for a change. Nuke Performance Goes Black!
Most dealers have already sold out of their blue, and now fills the shelves with black high-performance car tuning products from Nuke Performance.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers and look forward to a new year together, new challenges and many new cool products.
And keep your eyes at Formula Drift 2015, this season we believe we are one of the largest suppliers of fuel-tuning products, and that we are, we are very proud of!

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We need your help to determine the design!

Fuel Pressure Gauge on the drawing board

Vote and join our raffle with 4 lucky winners!

We are currently developing a fuel pressure gauge but can not decide which design we’ll use. Therefore, we have put up on both and a competition where we will raffle off 4 gauges among those who helped to choose the design.

Go visit our Facebook page and our Instagram feed and cast your vote, when the gauge is ready for delivery we will notify which the four lucky winners are.

Nuke Performance @
Nuke Performance @




For the first time ever, Nuke Performance will participate at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nov 4th – Nov 7th, 2014.

Come visit us at our booth to see our range of high performance car tuning products, or just to chat with our guys in the US.
We´re growing rapidly worldwide.. In the US, we are growing like crazy, and this must be celebrated by taking part in the world´s largest motor sport exhibitions!

Stay tuned at Facebook and Instagram for updates and do not forget to visit us at SEMA SHOW!

Check out SEMA Show, press here!


Fast Car Magazine UK Awards 2013 Winner

FastCar Mag UK – AWARDS 2013 WINNER

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded this year’s “TEETH-ITCHING DESIRABILITY” award in the FC Tuning Awards 2013.

We have already framed our signed certificate and it hangs on the finest possible place in the office.
Thank you so much FC, we say on Nuke Performance.

It is this kind of moment that makes us love working with what we do.

Check out FastCar Magazine here!

New German Dealer : Klapdor-Racing

New German Nuke Performance dealer, Klapdor Racing

Klapdor-Racing | | Klapdor-Racing @

We are proud to introduce our newest authorized dealer in Germany. Klapdor-Racing will soon be offering our total range of High Performance Car Tuning Products.

Germany is one of our fastest growing markets right now, and with more dealers the opportunity for service, quick delivery and support increases.

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New German Dealer : MaxRPM

MaxRPM | Gearmen Dealer

MaxRPM | | MaxRPM @

We are proud to introduce our newest authorized dealer in Germany. MaxRPM offer our full range of High Performance Car Tuning Products, and has already filled up their shelves with Nuke Products for quick delivery.

Germany is one of our fastest growing markets right now, and with more dealers the opportunity for service, quick delivery and support increases.

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New Product : Fuel Surge Tank


Fuel Surge Tank / Fuel Surge Tank kits

After a long time waiting, it´s finally here.
We are launching our latest high performance product, our Fuel Surge Tank with a capacity of as much as 3 liters.

It´s also available with several kits designed and developed for some of the most common fuel pumps on the market. Never before has it been so easy to make the heart of your fuel system in place, with no starvation, no bad looking installations and with the same hallmark as all of our performance products.

This Surge Tank and our Surge Tank kits makes it easy to handle extreme amounts of power…

Available at our official webshop already and at our dealers in a few days if not already.

Check it ot here…