Privacy Policy

This represents Nuke Performance AB policy regarding the handling of personal data and contact information. Do you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at

For each visitor that visits any of our pages, we may collect information about the consumer´s domain name, country, region and e-mail adress (if possible).

This information is for our eyes only and is to make our website faster and to secure safe transfer when using our Official Webshop. All info that you put in your contact form, webshop checkout will be saved. This info is kept within Nuke Performance and never assigned to other than our own.
We use only secure payment solutions, which means we only take part of the necessary information of your credit card, checking account, etc. This info will never leave our own system and will never be handed out to other than our own.

We use cookies to store your preferences, record your visiting history within our website, track your way of entry to our site and to ensure function regarding browser functinality. Cookies also make it possible for us to record wich products you visit, put in your shopping cart etc.

If any government or legal institution require information about any of our customers, it may be possible that we will disclose information about your purchases and your browsing history. Using our services is done by choice and we assume that you have nothing to hide.
We accept no responsibility for legal situations where trading Nuke Performance products have led to criminal activity. We deliver our products to retailers and directly to individuals and do this as a mere commodity and is not responsible for how the product is misused, sold or influenced by another person. The personal information we hold for sale used by ourselves and can be left out if the demands of authority or law enforcement agency.

If you have supplyed us your e-mail adress you may receive mailings from us with offers, news about Nuke Performance or products. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please contact us by e-mail and we will delete you from our contact lists. Your contact information will never be disseminated either you choose to be registered or not.

Customers who provided us with their telephone numbers on orders in the webshop or in communications with us or our partners may be called by us or our direct partners. All orders placed in our web shop requires a phone number because of shipping providers and some countries’ customs procedures. We never pass on this information to anyone other than directly concerned partners. Do you wish this information to be removed, please contact us.

If you would want us to remove you from our listings, contact us by e-mail with your exact name and andress and we will make sure your name will be removed from our list that we may share with other partners of our organization.

If you think that we do not live up to our policy, please contact us immediately so we can discuss how to proceed in the matter. We are more than happy to receive constructive criticism on how we run our business and how we can improve.

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